Mary Harcourt

12 Secrets to Finding Fulfillment as an Entrepreneur

Delegate Tasks You Don’t Love

Delegate. Make a list of everything you love doing in your business and another list of the things you dont like. Take the list of things you dont like doing and outsource them or put someone else in charge of them. You’ll be left with a list of things you love doing in your business. These are the things you find joy in. You will feel more fulfilled and happy when you are able to do the things you love to do. — Mary HarcourtCosmoGlo

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10 Website Design Elements to Increase Sales and Engagement

A Quiz

Incorporate a quiz! So many people love to know where they fit on a certain spectrum. If they have taken the time to answer the questions, youve already sold them on the product by making them think about the outcome differently than a typical sales pitch. They see their results and understand more about what youre offering and are more likely to go through with the purchase. — Mary HarcourtCosmoGlo

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