Episode 15 - Founder of Hydro Flask: Travis Rosbach and his Entrepreneurial Journey

This episode featuresĀ Travis Rosbach on the Ready.Set.Glo! Podcast šŸ’«

Get your water bottles ready! This week's guest is Travis Rosbach, founder of Hydro Flask and the Tumalo Group!

Travis has spent the last three decades enhancing his entrepreneurial skills. Throughout the years, Mr. Rosbach has been proud to invent and found Hydro FlaskĀ®, work as a business broker, fly as an Airline Pilot, is an active Professional Speaker, and start The Tumalo Group, providing sourcing, advising, and consulting.

His clients include various industries, celebrities, individuals, and even countries.
He not only shares his tradecraft with others but also practices it in the many startups in which he is currently involved.

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