Episode 4 - Understanding supply chains in todays world

This episode features Aaron Alpeter on the Ready.Set.Glo! Podcast 💫

In this episode, we cover a rarely discussed topic: supply chains. 

What exactly does supply chain mean and how does it affect you? Why is it so important and why have we heard so much about it? 

Well, today Aaron Alpeter is going to share with us everything he knows about supply chains. Aaron comes from a background of studying supply chain as part of his education. Which landed him working for some pretty big companies such as Unilever and Hubble Contacts. He realized there was a hole in the market for smaller companies, such as start-ups to understand supply chain and be able to harness the best materials when it came to manufacturing their own product. So on his own path, Aaron started IZBA. A company that builds supply chains for businesses. Or as he says ' our company builds companies.' 



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