Episode 22 - Building the Future Version of You: Gut Checks, Gaining Confidence, & Taking Inventory on Your Life with Kacia Ghetmiri

šŸŒŸ This episode featuresĀ Kacia GhetmiriĀ on the Ready.Set.Glo! Podcast šŸŒŸ

Kacia is a life enthusiast, multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster who's on a mission to help women unapologetically share their voice & message with the world.

Along with hosting her own podcast empowerHER which surpassed 6 million downloads (in only 3.5 years), she has helped over 350 women launch grow and monetize their own shows! She's also hosting her first live women's event, "EmpowerHER Live" in October 2022!

Kacia has found that what's often holding women back is the thoughts that they think about who they are & what they are capable of so she takes her knowledge from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, paired with her high energy bubbly personality and a "Come with me, let's figure this out together" approach to light a fire under their booty to get out of their own way & go!


Tune in as we talk about:Ā 

  • Gut checks and how you should interpret them
  • Gaining confidence when it really matters
  • Taking inventory of your life


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