Episode 18 - Midday Squares: Jake Karls on Finding your Sweet Spot in an Oversaturated Market

Episode 18¬†features Jake Karls from Midday Squares on the Ready.Set.Glo! Podcast ūüíę

Jake Karls, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and Co-Founder/Chief Rainmaker at Mid-Day Squares. 

The goal of Midday Squares was to create the first functional chocolate bar: a bar that is rich in protein/fiber, made with REAL chocolate and REAL food ingredients. They first launched in August 2018 in Montreal, Canada, and sold over 10 MILLION CHOCOLATE BARS in the first 3.5 years. They have built their own fully automated manufacturing plant which can produce 90,000 bars per day. They're currently one of the fastest-growing food brands across North America!  They even have a podcast that documents the journey of how Midday Squares came to be in each episode. 

Tune in as we talk about: 

  • Working with Family¬†
  • Creating 24/7 Content
  • & Breaking into the US Market as a Canadian-Based Company!

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