Episode 12 - Leverage your business with PR without hiring a PR firm

This episode features Kristin Marquet on the Ready.Set.Glo! Podcast 💫

In this episode, we have a PR Specialist, Kristin Marquet, who has been a publicist and a business owner for more than 14 years as owner and creative director of Marquet Media.

She's here to talk about her career as a publicist, Kristin has developed partnerships with leading brands and entrepreneurs all around the world. She's a four-time author and has an academic background in data sciences, business, and public relations. We're gonna dive deep and talk about how to leverage your business with PR and media coverage without hiring a PR firm.


Tune in as we talk about: 

  • The basics of PR
  • How you can use PR in your business
  • Why PR is so important!

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