Episode 11 - Stepping into action in your business

This episode features Sheila Bella on the Ready.Set.Glo! Podcast 💫


In this next episode, we have Sheila Bella.

Sheila Bella is Beauty Business Mentor. We talk about how to build a million-dollar beauty business through social media, overcoming anxiety in order to authentically show up for your business, and secrets to getting totally booked out through Instagram!

Sheila doesn't come from money, nor is she married to money, and has no college degree. Having immigrated to the USA from the Philippines at age 8 with English being her 2nd language, she has always believed in the American dream. Her journey to success is unique because she built her business purely through grit, strategy, and fortitude.

Sheila is fighting for beauty pro's that are often, and unfortunately, not taken seriously or told to "give up and get a real job." - Sheila believes brows ARE a real job, lashes ARE a real job, nails, hair, skincare all the above are real jobs that make REAL money!


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