BOLD Journey

BOLD Journey

During that time, I managed a popular lash spa in Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, to be precise. We prided ourselves as the highest-rated salon in the area, with a consistently packed appointment schedule. One of our biggest frustrations was the lighting.

As an eyelash extension artist, the delicate process involves isolating a single natural eyelash and carefully applying a synthetic lash with adhesive, creating an alluring set of eyelashes. Lighting played a pivotal role in this intricate art, yet it was a constant struggle among my staff and me.

I had replaced our lights numerous times, each time encountering new problems. Some lights would overheat, turning the room into an unbearable sauna, forcing us to crank up the air conditioning, and leading to our common practice of providing clients with blankets for warmth. Ring lights introduced frustrating shadows, making it a constant struggle to achieve the perfect lighting balance.

The lights were confined to either side of the bed, creating a frustrating scenario where one side of the client’s face basked in light while the other remained in darkness. Attempts to add supplementary lighting resulted in loud, top-heavy fixtures prone to toppling onto resting clients with closed eyes. You can imagine the startle of a falling light.

The beauty industry is huge, and it’s only growing bigger year after year. How has no one made a light for the beauty service providers? The frustrations mounted. I had no other lights to bring in for us to try. I had exhausted all my options and still had not found a working lighting solution.

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