The 30 Minute Hour Podcast

The 30 Minute Hour Podcast

Not Your Everyday Podcast

Eric Twiggs & Ted Fells, will inspire you to maximize your potential. Eric is Your Procrastination Prevention Partner, and the Author of “The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination.” Ted is the Super CEO, Business Strategist Extraordinaire, and all around good guy! This is Not Your Everyday Podcast!

The Secret To Creating A Remarkable Product

When Covid hit in 2020, Mary Harcourt’s salon was shut down by the state for 9 months.

She responded by eating a whole king-size bar of chocolate, drinking some wine, and crying it out for a week. After that,  she got down to business and pivoted!

Mary took an unplanned situation and turned it into a remarkable product.

What is her secret?

Listen Now to find how she did it, and how you can do the same!

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