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Mary Harcourt of CosmoGlo Shares Her Journey in Developing a New Product For The Lash Industry

Do you have a product you want to share with the lash industry? Do you know what it takes to take your product from an idea and make it into a reality?

If you've been thinking of making a product, then this episode is for you. Mary of Cosmoglo sits down with us and shares the details of her journey. I'm sure it won't come as a surprise that her journey was not a smooth one and it's full of setbacks and hard fact she is still today working on improving your product immediately after launching it.

We were very inspired by Mary's journey and we know you will too. Mary doesn't hold anything back and goes into detail about how she found her manufacturer and how she went from a basic idea in her head to a final product that she's selling around the world.

Where you can find Mary Harcourt and Cosmoglo!
IG: @thecosmoglolight


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