13 Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Shine

13 Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Shine

1. Build A Small Number Of Meaningful Relationships

2. Highlight Your Qualifications On LinkedIn

3. Stay Authentic And Transparent

4. Slowly Expand Your Comfort Zone

5. Control Your Online Narrative

6. Focus On The Value You Bring

7. Be Transparent About It

8. Find The Right Channels To Connect With Others

9. Promote Your Best Qualities

10. Publish Articles To Share Information Widely

11. Reframe Your Understanding Of Being Introverted

12. Set Small Goals With Yourself

13. Share Your Core Values

Full article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2022/04/04/introverted-here-are-13-ways-to-make-your-personal-brand-shine/?sh=602796cd5602


Mary Harcourt

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