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Mary Harcourt - Inc.

8 Tips for Breaking Through a Creative Block

Find what sparks your creativity. 

To work through a creative block, you first need to identify what makes you feel most creative. For Mary Harcourt, founder of CosmoGlo, it's learning.

"Choose a book instead of the TV at night," says Harcourt. "Listen to a podcast instead of the radio. The sudden input of increased knowledge around me sparks my brain into thinking about new ideas and things that excite me."

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8 Practices Every Business Should Borrow From 5-Star Companies

Take your customer journey yourself.

Top-rated companies are able to imagine themselves as a customer and take themselves through their own customer experience. Mary Harcourt, founder of CosmoGlo, suggests asking yourself questions such as, "How does the website feel when first discovering it? What is the purchasing process like? What is the tone of email communications? Are your questions answered easily?"

"By playing the guest, you can pick out your flaws and easily correct them to create an enjoyable interaction," adds Harcourt.

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8 Secrets to Creating Live Video Content People Want to Watch

Switch up your camera angles.

As Mary Harcourt, founder of CosmoGlo puts it, a consistent camera angle gives the illusion that the presentation is boring. She encourages businesses to take inspiration from cinematic movies.

"They change frames every one to three seconds to keep you immersed for the entire duration of the film," says Harcourt. "Film your live video from multiple angles to keep your consumer engaged."

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