Top Entrepreneurs On Challenges When Starting A New Business

Mary Harcourt

Title: Founder

Company: CosmoGlo


As a founder everyone looks to you to have all the answers and solutions. The reality is, you are going through each day just like everyone else ad you don’t always have all the answers and solutions. You really have to work to allow time to think Allow your creative juices to flow and you to figure out the answers. You may not always be right, but each misdirect is a lesson learned on what not to do next time and you are one step closer to being spot on with the right move.

It’s really natural to feel bogged down and exhausted. It comes with the job. Our minds are always working in overdrive and it can be hard to turn your mind off sometimes. Finding great outlets like physical activity, hangin out with friends, going to an event is a nice way to have disconnect from and brain in overdrive.

The highs can be intoxicating. It’s amazing to stand on stage with a full audience applause when you so clearly delivered a talk on a topic you are truly confident in. This feeling of accomplishment and achievement is there to thank you for all of the hard days you had to put in to get you to this very point of standing on stage sharing your knowledge.

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