Think Business With Tyler

Think Business With Tyler

Mary is the Inventor and the CEO of CosmoGlo Light, which is one of the biggest innovations to hit the beauty industry. Before that, she ran a lash salon in Los Angeles for several years but when Covid hit, she was forced to quickly pivot her business and shift gears.

As it turns out, she had already been working on a prototype for beauty room lighting so this newfound time gave her an opportunity to switch her focus entirely on launching CosmoGlo. Fast forward a few years, CosmoGlo is now a million-dollar company that has opened many doors for Mary, from being a speaker and a guest on various podcasts to launching her own podcast.

She believes that if she can do it, so can everyone else, and there is so much power in that!

In this episode, we talk about:
●     Why every experience in life makes you stronger;
●     The jump-first mentality in entrepreneurship;
●     Why starting your own business is both scary and rewarding at the same time;
●     And finally, how to conquer your fear of starting something new.

Not only does Mary drop a bunch of wisdom bombs but she shared her amazing story of turning a negative into a huge positive. Let’s chat with Mary now….

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Host: Tyler Martin Business Coach


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