The Gift of Time with Julie Bee

The Gift of Time with Julie Bee

The Makers Gonna Make Show

The Makers Gonna Make Show interviews makers, handmade entrepreneurs, artisans, and crafters about their stories, businesses, and successes (and failures).  Fun conversations to entertain and education!

Welcome to the Makers Gonna Make Show where Julie Bee interviews makers about their brand's story and the behind-the-scenes of operating their business.

Mary Harcourt with CosmoGlo joins Julie this week for a conversation on how the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in her taking the initial step to becoming a maker. In her role as a businessperson in California, she noticed a hole in the market and realized there simply wasn’t a lighting solution for her specific needs. Mary quickly realized that if she didn’t develop a solution, someone else would.

In what seemed like overnight, Mary went from an eyelash artist to a salon owner, to a lighting designer and developer. Listen in on the conversation then make sure to connect and follow CosmoGlo on Instagram.

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Julie has spoken to countless organizations for 13+ years on topics including leadership, management, employee engagement and morale, workplace culture, small business ownership, and entrepreneurship. If you’d like an engaging, relatable, and inspiring speaker for your next event, book Julie to speak to your group.

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