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East coast native, Mary Harcourt had the adventure bug at an early age. This spirit led her to traveling to sixty-four countries and counting. She landed in Los Angeles where she opened a salon that very quickly became a leading lash extension spa. One of the problems she always struggled with in her field of work was lighting. When the pandemic rolled around in 2020, instead of continuing to admire the problem, she tackled it head-on. A conversation with her husband, turned into a back of the napkin drawing, then eventually a CAD drawing. With diligence and the same adventurous spirit that she grew up with, Mary invented the CosmoGlo Light. Her light has revolutionized lighting for not only lash artists, but those providing other spa services and even tattoo artists. This sensational CEO is living proof that your idea can change the world. Her product is going global and has forever changed the beauty industry. Her story will certainly light you up, so tune in now!


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How an idea can change the world with the CEO of CosmoGlo, Mary Harcourt

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Are you feeling stuck, lost, tired or uninspired? We've all been there including myself. I'm coached as mindset motivator and lifestyle entrepreneur. I'm here to tell you that the best, unapologetic and limitless version of yourself is yet to come. The Bourne unbreakable podcast is here to inspire just that, with motivating guests from all different walks of life and around the world. Their stories will empower you to unlock abundance and your unbreakable spirit. Do you need accountability? Reach out to me for a free consultation of how I can support you in reaching your maximum potential. This episode is brought to you by Sherpa way marketing. Are you a business looking to gain greater visibility online through search engine optimized content, maybe you need effective ad campaigns to kickstart or bolster traffic to your website. Sherpa way marketing has seasoned experts that are bilingual in English and Spanish. Let them take the guesswork away and enhance your brand positioning with their comprehensive marketing services. Go to Sherpa way That's sh e r p a WAY to schedule your FREE 45 minute consultation today. Welcome to the Born on breakable podcast. It is summer, it is the heat of summer we're in June, I am melting in Las Vegas, I just want to point that out. So that has played a role in everything from what I wear to my fatigue, and just the need of more hydration, more air conditioning. And my guest is also in a hot place. She's in Texas. But I'm thrilled about my guest today. And I I'll be I'll come right out and say that I'm a fan girl, as I've studied her and everything she's done. So it is truly an honor and a pleasure to have Mary Harcourt with me today. She is the founder, the inventor, I don't know that if I've really used the word inventor on my show, and CEO of the Cosmo glow light. It's just amazing. So we'll get into the whole story about Cosmo glow, but she's an East Coast girl originally, so bounced around the East Coast grew up there and then did some traveling 64 countries and counting. So that's pretty spectacular. We definitely have travel in common. So I was super thrilled to learn that about her. And then of course, she migrated all across the country. So Ken went from the East Coast, landed in LA decided to go and open a salon and be in the beauty industry there. And that is where she started experiencing the challenges of being in that industry, the lighting, doing the work that she does, and with with lashes. So we're gonna talk about lashes today, which is one of my favorite things because I like to have pretty nice lashes. And that's where her creative juices were flowing. And she worked her way through problem solving. And then by the time the pandemic hit, and 2020 is when the Cosmo glow light was born. That was when the inception happened. And so much has happened since then she is also the host of her own podcast, which I have listened to. And it's awesome what she does with her show. It's called Ready Set glow. You could find it on Apple podcasts or where you listen to podcasts. And so, Mary, I'm just thrilled to have you on the show today.

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That was amazing introduction. I'm equally as fangirling for you. So it's gonna be a great show. Thank you so much for having me today.

Unknown Speaker 3:57
Yeah, absolutely. But I just you know, I could tell from your story, that being an adventurer, was something that you had at heart from, you know, the travels that you did, and things when you were young. So tell me more about your backstory, like you're growing up, and then how you, you know, went all the way from where you were on the east coast to migrating your way over to the West Coast. And now you're in Texas. How much time do we have for you?

Mary Harcourt 4:31
Right? Yeah, no, we can be here all day. I grew up on the East Coast. I originally was born in Pennsylvania. I came from a parent family that got divorced. And as a young teenager, I think when your parents go through divorce, sometimes it's natural to just want to get as far away as possible. So I chose Australia, it was literally halfway around the world. Exactly. And they also spoke English which was my other requirement. So I applied to be a I'm what do they call an exchange student. And I went to Australia as an exchange student, absolutely to real story, and landed, I had an amazing family there. And I actually attribute the family that I landed with, with really changing my life. It was the first time I saw things that made sense in a family atmosphere. And it was really kind of me relearning life of like, oh, that's how it works, it's really good to see that two people can live in the same home, it just, it was a really good environment for me. And it was so it was such a pivot moment that I don't think you truly understand. Sometimes when your gut kind of tells you to do something, it's like you're gonna do it. And you don't really know why, but you do it. And I look back now, and I gained so many skills from that trip. Because once you cannonball into a world of the unknown, you're like, fearless, and you're ready to do it again and again and again. And I moved to a place I didn't know a single person in the entire country. And it came out great. It was amazing. I loved it. I taught kangaroos, I learned how to share sheep, I lived on a farm, the whole nine yards, we went down to the ocean, which all the oceans in Australia are beautiful. They're so they're so lucky. But yeah, I did that trip. And then when I came back, I thought, you know, I just went and experienced so much in the world, Pennsylvania is really not going to fit me anymore. So I landed in Maryland, which was super fun. It was really close to DC. So there's always sporting events to go to it was close to Annapolis, which is sailing capital the world. So water is a huge traction there and live great seafood was really close to Baltimore. And so I kind of just had this light coming out of becoming a young adult and freedom. And once you get a taste of freedom, I think you just no one can ever take that away from you ever again. And I had an opportunity that I kind of my what happened was I had a house that I was sharing with people. And those two people both decided to take other paths. One was going to move to Florida and one took a different job. And I was kind of like, oh, do I want to get to new roommates? Or do I kind of just want to be done. So I thought I just kind of want to be done too. And I had been working as a hairstylist and a bartender and I wasn't really sure why just kind of was like, let's just make the money while you're young. And so when all this happened, I thought well, now I actually have savings. What if I just quit my job, get rid of the house, we all move out together and I go travel. And I did. And I kind of was like, let me see how long I can go on savings and how far I can make it. And it was almost about a 16 month trip because they're trying to backpack and stay in hostels for $11 a night and they serve you $5 meals and you can you can learn how to travel on such a cheap budget. And I did that and I think once you start racking up 2030 countries I mean I was in Thailand, Cambodia, I went all over Australia again, like all these different countries Asia in once you get that explores bug like nothing can take that away from you. And I did most of it 99% of it by myself. And you know, it's funny because the people that come on my Pennsylvania small town were like, Oh, be careful. You don't know what's gonna happen. I thought what cheese? Have you ever been downtown in Baltimore or like, DC, I'm more worried about walking around downtown than I am in these countries that actually love and respect tourism. And it was just funny to see how the how the cards fall. And so after that, I realized when I was done traveling, I also can't go back to that environment. So I wanted something new. And I had been chasing summer for years. I just love software. I'm a sunshine worshiper, like the whole nine yards. So that's when I decided it was California time I moved out to California landed in San Jose heart of Silicon Valley. And it was the first time I had seen successful people kind of just living ordinary lives. But they all had a story. And I was so mesmerized, I just want to ask everyone what they did and how they did it. And I think that really is such a key moment too. Because it was the first time my mind that opened up that these are normal, ordinary, everyday people that have these ideas and build these companies. And it click that like if they're if they can do it well then so can I. And so I kind of took that little nugget and put it in my back of the head. I knew that eventually one day I would own my own business, which I did. I went back to a couple years of bartending went back to I think it was doing lashes there. And then after that travelled a little bit more well through Africa landed in LA and that's where all of the pieces of my entire life gotten one little box and it all happened. It was like Okay, I'm ready to settle down. I've traveled I've experienced the world. I've seen people have businesses I've seen my mind has been open to all of this like world travel in different cultures and languages. And I put it all into one landed in the beach and started a salon. So that's kind of my story of how I started from then to now

Unknown Speaker 9:57
that so much now and sanely amazing. I think there's people that just heard even the first part of your that adventure bug and you talking about travel that have been so inspired because a lot of times, it's almost the the reverse, where people are like, Oh, I have to work really hard, I really need to earn the ability to travel because you have to have a lot of money for that it's expensive. So I have to go to college get a really cool, there's two ways, right? But I mean, don't you that I'm sure there's people that I've talked to you like, how did you do that? That's, that's so amazing. Did you just like have like a huge trust fund and like all this money, and then you were just talking about, you know, hostels and how $5 meals, so it's totally possible, right?

Mary Harcourt 10:49
Oh, we could talk a whole nother show. Travel cheap. No, you know what it is, it's so interesting. So everyone thinks of travel as vacationing. And so when you're vacationing, you're still affording your entire life, you're paying all your normal bills, plus your rent plus every thing that you're doing. Plus, then you're going shopping for all these expensive fancy like you want to feel good on vacation, get your hair done, your nails done, you want to dye it a little bit, you want to tan you want the best bikini, you can find the cutest little like beach bag. So vacations, you want to stay at the nicest hotels, you want to get room service, you want to stay at all these resorts, you want to do all these activities that's vacationing, so everyone in their head thinks vacationing must cost so much money. vacation and traveling are two totally different things, traveling as taking a backpack and landing in a country and being a part of that culture and that eating, immersive sit on the beach. And when someone walks by with fresh pineapple, like you buy it for $1. If some little kids making a bracelet for 50 cents, you buy a bracelet for 50 cents, but you're staying in a hostel, they're so reasonable, they're made in like encourage traveling, you meet a bunch of other kids, they're doing the exact same thing you plan a little night out half the time they do it for you, the hostels have like, Hey, here's this event we're throwing for you for $10, come eat dinner, have some drinks and hang out on a rooftop. And so you're sitting there with 30 other travelers your age doing the same thing for what 10 $15. So it's a completely different experience than vacationing. But for me, I got rid of my apartment, I got rid of everything except for my cell phone and health insurance, everything else was turned off. And at that point, you're not really affording your normal life. You're just taking care of yourself on day to day, which is so different than vacationing.

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Yeah. But I also think that you what you're what you're getting, is priceless, because of the experiences, but also, for one of the things that you described when you were talking about all the language in the immersiveness is perspective. Wow, how much did your perspective grow and expand? Because you put yourself intentionally in all of these places that were quite different than, you know, growing up in Sylvania, you know, small town in Pennsylvania, which I think is incredible. I mean, can you imagine if everybody had something, even a fraction of what you got exposed to what that would do to their ability to engage with the world in a different way.

Mary Harcourt 13:16
It makes everything kind of makes sense. You understand that a smile is completely universal language, there's barriers, but a smile, like you look, somebody laughs and you laugh, like you just shared that moment in life. You didn't need to understand what language they speak, you didn't need to be from their country. But things happen. That's funny, and you both laugh, and then you look at each other, like how far they locked with me. Now we're connected. And that's so cool. As well as like these other countries, they don't have all the same resources that we have, and they don't have all the same opportunity. And they get so creative and so resourceful, and those things will slip me for the rest of my life, how they make the how they build houses, how they make their motorcycles run, when they break down how to make they their bicycles run when they break down, you know, when you start to look at things. Yeah, you start to look at things and go, Wow, it really isn't, I buy something. And when it breaks, I buy it again, it is, hey, I have this, this is my problem. If I use this, I just found a solution. And the solution works great. And it's like, wow, how did you come to that, but their minds are so open, I think that's a really good skill you can learn is just seeing how the world can function without everything being exactly just so

Unknown Speaker 14:26
Exactly. And I think I would bet a whole lot of money on the fact that your experiences in all these different countries have created such an amazing foundation for you as a businesswoman, as an entrepreneur, as a speaker, because you are bringing that ingenuity, that open mindset, that flexibility and that fun and spontaneity into something that can feel serious and sometimes stressful, you know when you're starting a business so so then now we fast forward. Okay, you're in LA. I want to talk about lashes. So you got into the business of lashes. So what led to you to you jumping in feet first to do that specific aspect of the beauty industry?

Mary Harcourt 15:22
I mean, I had my license when I was 18 I was like a straight out of school. I had no clue what to do. So I'm gonna go to Beauty School I figure it out. Yeah, creative person. And so working with your hands and seeing like instant gratification to me like a perfect fit. Like, wow, I get the more colorful my hair is the more clients booked within booked my more curious things I had, I was a whole different person. But the more piercings I have, the more kind of attention I get like, this is awesome. And I really thrived on that. So I had done hair for years. And if anyone listening is a hair stylist, guys, there's a whole underworld like you go home covered in hair, it's Ichi. You have a blow dryer in your face all day, you think you're having a conversation with your hairstylist, we're trying to capture like one of every 10 words you're saying. So there's a lot of aha going on. And I really loved it and thrive in the moment when I was in it. And then there was a time I took where I was bartending and doing hair and I left to go travel. And I remember thinking to myself, Wow, I will never bartend again ever, I am going to come back and do hair. And funnily enough, I never touched hair scissors ever again after that. But I did go back to bartending so it could get me more traveled. I just turned a corner where I didn't want to do hairstyling anymore, I think I had worked myself up to such a good level, that starting over one. It was just if I'm going to start over at one and build my clientele from from one person, I'd rather learn a new skill and start at one there. So that's where it really became like, Ooh, well, what else is out there? I had done a fair bit of acting. So I dove into that I just got over that really quick. Oh, some people are amazing at it. I was not. And I really liked to be good at things and just was putting my face and I'm not miss lexers baikman. Anyone that is because it's so cool, but not me. So that I've kind of dabbled in skincare and skincare is so in depth. I'm used to know every single ingredient what it does, how it reacts on every person's skin. And what the two chemicals can do if mixed together. I mean, it's just a lot. And I started going to classes and learned about chemical peels. And I thought I kind of just want to like be in Show mode. And I saw somebody last year and they were listening to music with a candle lit and a client was sleeping on like, like, what looks like I could just be happy doing. And so I took my first class and lashes are so challenging. Everyone sells you this like golden idea that you come to one class and then you leave and you can charge everyone $500 a full set. And that's just simply not the truth. It takes a lot to do. And around this time, I was gonna apprentice for somebody doing lashes and I thought well, okay, I'm gonna go take this class, I might as well open my own salon, because why would I work for someone else, I had to do it differently. I wouldn't work for someone else. But these are the lessons that helped me. So this it is. And we had moved to her Rosa Beach, this place in LA right on the ocean. And I was walking the dog and there was a for sale sign. I thought it was a spa, I thought I walked in, I got full stores lady was just literally letting it go for a small fee, and you take over the lease, because she was pregnant. And her husband got relocated to Hawaii. He was like some type of rocket science or something and they got split up. She's like, I'm pregnant, we can't do this thing I have to go. And I kind of looked at it and thought she was like I'm not making any profit. I'm just please just if you take over the lease and pay me for everything that's here. It's a turnkey situation. And I was I don't know whatever the word is a great idea. So I went home and got now husband boyfriend at the time. And they said, Okay, well, it's a key place, I think you should do well with it. And I think it was something like two and a half weeks later, it was mine. Like key in hand line on sign the name. Yeah, it was everything. And I kind of jumped in a little too early with that. But I had in my head, I'm gonna learn how to do lashes, and I'm gonna do it. And I went to learn how to do lashes. And it just wasn't. It's hard. It's hard. So I opened up as a lash wax and skin studio. But there was something inside me that said like, if you stick with lashes, it will be good for you. And I was so determined. And I feel like I almost gave all my services away because I was so determined you lash for two hours and they say two days later, they all fall off. I'm not doing this, I have to have a great reputation. So I'll get in there and do them again and do them again. Which led me to become friends with all the girls in neighborhood because I saw them every two or three days. And I would just give them going I'm sorry, I'm still learning. I'm still new at this. I'm not gonna charge you and because of that they would send me all their friends. So eventually I was doing all these lashes and it'd be came like, Okay, I'm finally getting good. I do need to charge you guys rents do. And that was me learning how all of this cash flow works on a very hard lesson because I went from like, oh, I have tons of money to like, Oh, I'm out. And that's where the real business became where all of a sudden I was up against a wall and I thought, oh my god and nothing about business, I know nothing about working for myself, nothing. I've always worked for other people. So me taking clients for free, it didn't really matter if I charged them or not. But now it does. And I became like, obsessive, I was reading. Yeah, reading books, every night, I was taking courses, I go to these trade shows and sit in classes all day long, I would go the show from nine to five. And if I saw the trade show for the floor for 10 minutes, that would be a good day. For me, I was obsessed with classes. And I think it took me about a year, but I went from zero to 100 in a short timeframe of like, oh, this is how you manage a business. This is how you gain a clientele. This is how you perfect customer service. This is how you do payroll and balance your cash flow. And then I added employees, and all sudden looking back, we built an amazing company, really, really not quickly took six years. But we're the highest rated in the area. And everything was great. And so with spending six years in building that thing, I spent a lot of time in treatment rooms, and most times in lashes client sleep.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
And so I would have a lot

Mary Harcourt 21:24
of time and my mind would just go and go. And I would sit there and think about like just random things. Looking at a light, why isn't there a better light? How can I make one better? Where would I travel to next? What's my next employee gonna be like? What's my next client gonna be like? What should I do now? What's my next Instagram post? And it was all these things. But it really is what fueled me for understanding that there was a whole new industry for properly used lighting. And if I could fix it, like how many other people could benefit from that. So that's kind of where that all started.

Unknown Speaker 21:59
Yeah, because funny. Before we started recording this episode, I was telling Mary, like, I went to go get my lashes done right after we booked this interview. And of course, now I'm paying attention, right? Like before, I was just kind of like, oh, yeah, I have this whole thing where we talk like the most engaging conversation. I like in the beauty industry, because I love all services. I love going to the spa. I love getting a facial, I love getting my hair done. I love everything. But I go for the experience. And that's that's how I choose doors because I love the conversation. But I'm full full disclosure, I probably sleep asleep for half my appointment, which my lash person knows, she's like, Oh, she's going to chat it up. And then there's going to be this moment because her eyes are closed that she's going to fall asleep. But before I did that, I paid attention to the light. And I was like, it's the Cosmo glow. Wow. That's awesome. And she was so impressed. Like, yeah, this light is awesome. And it gets she's like, look how bright it gets. And she was like showing me how it works of what you know, I studied the the mechanism when I when I first connected with Mary. And I was like, wow, this is really awesome in person. I just, you know, read about it. But it just brought things full circle for me, because it's like you said, every industry has problems to be solved. They're coming up all the time. And somebody's got to solve it. Right? Like, Granville had to figure out what was going on with the telephone situation. And we're just always going to have these things. And well, I love that you were like, Yeah, I opened this salon. And I don't really know too much about business, but you learned, you know, and then you're like, I have this idea about a light. You probably didn't know everything about how to invent one. But you were resourceful. And you figured you figured it out. So once you had that idea, well what did you do with it?

Mary Harcourt 24:08
I had the idea. I replaced the salon lights three times. And this was when things were finally going off for so it wasn't like a big deal. But it's expensive. And I replaced everything on the market. We'd still like to make the place the green light. And every time I would replace the girls would be like, we don't like I'm like Guys, I can't just replace your lights every three months for you to still not like them. Like this is ridiculous. I will go home and tell my husband where I'm like babe. I mean these girls look, I love employees, but you have got to give yourself a little mental headspace because they will drive you insane. And I would say like I don't know how to keep them happy. Like they complain about every light. I bought my bottom all the lights like there's no more lights to buy. And he's like, Oh my God made you complain about the soul might you have to either make a light or just choose to be done talking because you've talked about this every time you come home? And I was like yeah, that's kind of True. I really do bring it up a lot. And he likes Well, why don't you make one? I know I don't. I don't make lights. Like I don't make things. I do lashes. I run salons, I advertise on social media, like I understand business now, like I'm a businesswoman. But like, this is so different than when I was thinking. And he kind of said, well look at everything in the house. I mean, how hard could it be like a blender had to get started somewhere or toaster had to get started somewhere your ceiling fan had to get somewhere started somewhere like who was the creator of all beats thing was like, Well, I mean, I don't know. But the toasters are really good idea. I hate burnt bread. Piling up my out. And like, a fan is awesome, because you can just flip it on and all the sudden you're cool, you're feeling better. So it was kind of like, well, I don't know how they get started. But yeah, I guess I could look into it. And he was like, he poured his last wine. So okay, come here, draw it out for me, like, what would it look like? And I was like, Oh, I have thought about this. I know exactly how I want it. I loathe tripods, I kick them over, they fall, they fall on your client, you have a mini heart attack every time you're trying to grab them. So they don't like wake up with a light on top of them. flat base has to have a flat base. And he's like, okay, and then what else so we know like the old school tanning beds, they just look like that little eggshell. I want that shape, like that shape. And if you move it, because everyone has different head shapes. And when you're working with different people, you're constantly adjusting your your your light. So if you could move, and then it could go out of the way. So there's no lighting apparatus above your treatment rooms. If you want to help someone get up or have an eye conversation beforehand. It's not weird that you're under all these lights. So we kind of put it on napkins, and at the end like okay, here's your idea, go get it done. Oh, okay. And from that, we get it done. But exactly, I tell you, like if anyone has an idea, the first thing you need to do is get it on paper, and then go get prints made. And anyone can do them, you can get it off Fiverr. Or you can pay someone there's companies that all they do is specialize in prints, you can go the cheaper route and just have someone do it for you. But get it into a CAD drawing because then your idea is actually a real idea. And you can go and take it and you can start talking to manufacturers, how much would it cost to get this mean? What would what would the process be like if I wanted to do this, and I had prototypes in 2019, when COVID hit in March of 2020 is in the slot in our slots, all the sudden state regulations inform you, you're closed. And we all thought Well, geez, how long is this gonna last? You know, three weeks? Who knew? And it was so much longer than three weeks. So going through it? No. But I had a moment where I was like, wow, I always said, If I ever get the time, I won't really go with this project. Prototypes done and prototypes. They're not really who's making your life, they're a person that's going to make your idea from that piece of paper into a real product. So I had done that because I was like I for me, I want these lights in my salon for no other reason. I just want, I want these lights. And I hadn't done it yet. It's an expense that it was so exciting. It's like my idea came to us in a big box. And we pulled it out of the box and plugged it in one day. And I was like, Whoa, that's cool. And I don't think I really had any desire to take it any further. It was just I wanted it for my salon. And we did that. So fast forward. I don't say seven months until March, the salon closed and I had always said if I ever get the time. Well, I would try and launch this light but was when I ever got time I took clients full time I managed a full time staff. We were a busy salon, we had a waiting list every single day. So it was just kind of that thing that sat in the corner. And then all of a sudden, I was just gifted the gift of time I had endless time I had no clients. I had no staff I had nestled lawn. And I think I was so stressed out in such a tailwind like where's my next rent payment coming from for we all getting paid? How are my employees getting paid? How am I keeping this clientele? That it was like, What's one more risk? I'm already so just What's one more thing that could happen? I might as well try this light and launch it because I have time and when else am I ever gonna get to do it? So I often think back like I don't know, if it wasn't for COVID If it would have happened. I think it was the perfect kick in the butt I needed with a slight, slight, what additional What's one more thing? What if it all fails? Like it might all fail?

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Yeah, well, and I think you're describing Gaza, just that that every every, you know, entrepreneur that was born. And this this would be an interesting statistic because I know somebody out there is studying this is like how many how many new small businesses were born, you know, at the onset of the pandemic. And so I think that's that those are those moments where you take that negative, which you did, and you turn it into a positive because it's it's very rare, and certainly in the American culture, to use the gift of time, we are constantly trying to see how we can get more time. And you can't have more than 24 hours in a day. And then like some, you know, everyone's just trying to figure out that silver bullet of how can I get, you know, be able to spend time on my ideas. And that really was a catalyst for so many business people and even like yourself, those who weren't even necessarily starting businesses, but figuring out how to pivot their businesses so that they can continue to thrive in a time where things got shut down, you know, from an in person perspective, and then all of a sudden, you know, zoom and other things did very well, because we shifted into this crazy world of virtual right, so.

Mary Harcourt 31:00
But yeah, absolutely. Now it's so true and COVID was such a blessing. I think, for so many, it really pivoted a lot of people. And it taught me the lesson of if you're open to opportunity, when change comes, it can really help you for the better. But so many people fight change. And that's okay, too. It's just it's better to welcome it with open hands and just see what it has to offer. And fro. So from from that I just kind of launched Cosmo glow. And because of what was happening with COVID. Mind you, typically you think of manufacturing as you have to do overseas. But we were scared of what would happen overseas, because no one knew if the trade routes would stay open shipping really going to happen, or the planes still coming in. And so it forced me to go internally and go, Okay, let's try my American manufacturing. And I was looking for somebody that would take a product size, my size, because I really wasn't starting with a whole lot. And I was giving it everything I had, but it wasn't that much. And trying to find someone taking a project, my size that would talk to me was a lot of research. But I did find somebody who was working with small companies to build their idea because they're focused on the return of a large product. And we met have met everyone. And it kind of just sounded like that's exactly what they were looking for. They deal with multimillion dollar companies on the on constantly, that's what they do. And they had a meeting. And so what if we start ground up and take a small company and grow them to a huge company, and they remain our client the entire time? So timing is everything. They had just had that conversation, I had just been looking for someone and we linked up. And it was just a little bit of negotiation terms, obviously, they want to know how many do I want to be made? And I was like, oh, what can we what's the smallest we can start with? And they still want to make it make sense for either of us. We have to at least start here. Oh, split that up in multiple batches. So I'll come to that. But can we like spread spread it out? Or multiple times? Because all of that all at once? I don't I don't have that. And it kind of became like, Oh God, what are we what are we dealing with? Who is this girl? I said no, no, no. Like, you have to understand what I'm trying to do will change the entire industry, I will be a global brand. And we will be distributing more lights and you could possibly make in a matter of years. I believe in my product so much. I have patents all over the world. And we're going to go big with this. I need you to help me get started after that we're going for it. And that was kind of what they looked at and said, Well, this is what we've been looking forward to grow a small company into something major Okay, well, we'll go. And so we started with 150 lights, which I didn't have that money. But what I did was get really creative. I did do the deposit they that they required. And then the rest of it, I did pre sale. So I opened up pre sales before the product really even existed. And we sold sold out. And so I was able to take all of those funds and give it to them and go okay, here you go. It's your bills paid in full before I even got my product, which caught their attention to be like Okay, so we'll start up, she'll and we'll start batch three and then start batch four. So we really just got creative with it and got creative with the funding. And we realized really quickly on it was going to be such a popular product. So sales for me were never a problem more. So just supply and keeping the supply chain during a pandemic has been the issue. But it was a really fun creative path. Motion takes fun. It was challenging, eating creative. But that's one thing that I love to talk to people about because everyone has you have such great ideas. And if we could all launch them, we could change the entire world. But everyone thinks it has to be a million dollar sign on the red dotted line. And that just simply does it. So I do encourage you for anyone who's listening, if you have ideas, just go find someone that will make them there's always someone that is willing to work with your budget and your idea. You just have to do a little bit more research to find them.

Unknown Speaker 34:53
Wow. I mean, you putting yourself out there just to ask the right questions and to connect with The right people that and that is pretty serendipitous timing, that is so spectacular that you were able to connect with just the right situations so that they could align with your vision for what you wanted. And here you are today. Do you keep track of you, God willing? Yeah. Do you Do you know how many units you've sold from between when you first launched and now?

Mary Harcourt 35:25
Um, I mean, we have a general idea we have up there manufacturing, multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple times, we're still as many as you can make. We'll take as many as we can make. And we're currently I own a second manufacturing facility. So it's been an exciting road to to scale and get that to go up. But yeah, it really is just Googling and you're going to have 100 people tell you No, and that's okay. 100. People tell me no. But you find someone that tells you Yes. And then you're in and you're in. And I always explain it to because a lot of people get stuck on starting, they don't know how to do that. So therefore I don't start trust me and either I didn't know the first thing about it. I didn't know what manufacturing was I do lashes. I sit in a spa all day and listen to music with people that sleep like I don't make products. But as I explain you ever explained like you would never expect a customer to come in. New Customer never had lashes before, or never had a chemical peel and be like, Oh, great. You're here. Tell me how it's gonna go. Okay, let's just get started. Like that would never happen. You bait them through it. And you explain Hey, thank you so much for coming in today. What made you want to try chemical pill? What made you want to try lashes? Oh, that's great. Yeah, that's definitely going to be something that I achieved today. That's great. I'm so excited for you. Let's get you started. And let's walk you through how the process takes is going to take this amount of time, this is what you're going to experience feel free asleep during it, we're gonna take a before and after picture. Because really, that's what the excitement's all about. And they walk you through. And that's exactly what it is, when you go to make a product. Is there someone standing at the other side? That's waiting for you to say, okay, cool. Let me run you through the whole process of how these things work. And I think so many people just get stuck going, well, I don't have all the answers. So therefore, I can't do it. But that's just not the way it is.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Yeah, when you ask the questions, and you there's people, and it's so amazing that you said that because there's people that are dying, to give you the knowledge. They're like, Oh, my gosh, let me explain to you. And that's their bread and butter. That's what they wake up and do every day. And so you just partner with that person. That's so excited to tell you how it all works. And you're like, great, because I need to learn.

Mary Harcourt 37:35
I mean, absolutely, it's that's that's how it works. I kind of took my idea. It was more than a napkin sketch, it was on a CAD drawing. But I took my CAD drawing and said, Hey, I'm going to last world. And I think this light, it would change the entire industry. I don't quite know how to make it happen. That's what we're here for. Let's talk about it. And they ask the right questions like, What do you want it to be made of? I'm like, Oh, definitely like a heavy metal. Because everything in our industry, you stretch too hard. And they fall over the air conditioning comes on too much. And it falls over. I'm not inside one really heavy metal, I want a flat base. And I say okay, well, when you say a flat base, despite why you want a flat base, I want to be able to hide it under the treatment room, I want to be super stable. I want it to not be in the way and not be a tripod. Okay, I have an idea. And you say you want to move how do you want to move? So like, explain to me do you want two hands and you push really hard so you only move it when you assemble it and get in the right position? never touch it again? Is it something that you're going to be touching this 100 times a day? Oh, no, we're going to be touching this, like the whole thing moves. So you never had any shadows hit from ear to ear full coverage. So I want it to move smoothly. But I also don't want you to turn the air conditioner on and all of a sudden it moves on its own. Okay, great. So we're going to have smooth but maintained, you know, rotation, and they just walk you through all the questions. What do you want it to be finished and we could spray paint them we can powder coat them powder coat is going to be much more durable. And last over time. We're going to go down that route. What are your color choices? What were you thinking? It's like, why didn't you think about color choices? What color choices do I have? And then you walk into this color that color shimmer gloss matte? There to walk you through all this? You have it in your head like, oh, I don't know how to do it. I don't have all the answers. You're wrong. You don't need to. Yeah, there. That's what they're there for is to walk you through that entire process. Just show up with your idea, and the will to make it happen. And that's half the battle.

Unknown Speaker 39:29
Wow. That's why I get excited watching Shark Tank. I'm like, Oh my gosh, these ideas are fabulous. You know, like all the cool ideas that you know, a lot of times you watch you're like I've thought of that they really executed on that great job. I mean, you know, that's really what it's all about.

Mary Harcourt 39:46
It's, you know, it's the act and I tell people all the time it's either you now or someone else later, someone know which one is it?

Unknown Speaker 39:56

Mary Harcourt 39:57
I knew I'm like it's either me This is too You'd have an idea how it hasn't happened already, I have no idea. But this is too good of an idea. If I don't do it, I'm going to watch this in a year when someone else does, and that's going to burn me because it was my idea, I'm going to do it. And I think that's such an important part too, is understanding where you fit in things. I could have waited for this. And trust me, if it hadn't been COVID, I probably would have waited and someone else would have done it. But I was able to take that time that I was gifted. And that risk kind of went out the window because my whole life was in risk at the time. What's one more thing? Let's just see what happens. And you think about it, but you look at these shark tank things, and they are such great ideas. And they're usually the ones that go oh, well, that just makes sense. metallics like

Unknown Speaker 40:41
it's practical. That's the point is like, Oh, that makes so much sense. That thing just made people's lives 1020 times easier, because we all struggle with that one thing, you know, and that's Yeah, that's awesome. What What was it like to get your first testimonial? From somebody that used your product?

Mary Harcourt 41:03
Yeah, I mean, that I had never manufactured a product, I learned the very expensive lesson that you always get your own product first in your own hands before you let anyone else see it. That is a very expensive, well learn lesson that you just got for free. Always try your own products, we got delayed, it was COVID. Everything got slowed. I mean, my manufacturer said we're gonna deliver in June, and I think we delivered in August, it might have even been a month later, we were so far behind, because they just had to stop for two months, they were not essential for that part. And I was so far, far behind, I'd already taken the orders, I took these people's money, and I owe them a light. And in my heart, I was like, I owe them a light as soon as possible. So they said, alright, we can send you a light to approve. I was like, no, no, just send it send it to the people. They need their lights like they had been waiting. Okay, well, if you if you want to do that, and like I don't want them to wait one more day, like these were supposed to be due in June, we're months later, just send it to him. So the lights went out all 150. And we learned very quickly that you should always see your own products in person first. Because the instructions were completely backwards, you literally could not put them together. And it was a very frustrating point. I felt like the world was crashing in on me. I mean, I was sobbing in my salon, how can I mess up? I'm such a failure. It's so embarrassing, whatever, whatever you want to think of me how many let those happen. And we you know, you wake up one day and go we're gonna fix this. Let's do it. So we got on the salon floor and we filmed videos, this time, put your life together, it's a six part thing, here's my cell phone number, I will walk you through every step of the way. You can send me videos, you can talk to me like we'll get this together, which in retrospect was a really cool way to start because it did open that line of communication. And it was a little frustrating to get everyone's lights together. But when we got them together, the testimonials did roll in. And everything that I was feeling like oh my God, I'm such an embarrassment. I'm such a failure flipped like girl you did, like you just changed the industry. I had people that were Hey, Mayor, I've lost for 11 years, and I have never come across a light that is as effective as this. This is This is amazing. You're going to change lives. Like thank you so much for bringing this into the world. The entire beauty industry is like thank you, you're gonna change everything. You're incredible. This was such a beautiful design. Thank you so much. And that whole moment of pain turned into Yes, I we did it. We did it. And from there, we got our instructions fixed right away. And we were able to smooth things. But yeah, the testimonies were amazing. And we still get on I mean, it still touches my heart when people are like I just wanted to let you know I got a mic mic on my Cosmo glow. And it was not only worth every single penny, but the most beautiful thing, my favorite business purchase of the year, I love the way my room looks, I love how much better I can lash with it or do facials or any kind of service they do. There's just there is no better feeling than that. It's so rewarding. It's

Unknown Speaker 44:01
amazing. And you know, you really I mean that's tough starting anything new is tough. And I'm sure the resilience that you build after having that first batch be you know, not ideal with the instructions. It happens and you bounce back you know you turn that setback into a comeback and I think that's sometimes it's the it's like the best and worst thing you know that could happen in that moment because you've definitely got it right the next time and I will say you know as a testament as somebody who is just happens to be a person that gets lashes it makes a difference I've been to a lot of different lash places and very different setups, you know, some some of it is maybe not as professional as it should be. It's and and it makes a huge difference. Having the professionalism, the ambiance for somebody walking into a place and feeling like Oh, I'm gonna get I'm gonna get great service, you know, because they Use, they care about the quality of the work that they're doing. And I know that, you know, with my lash artist, she's meticulous she wants to be able to see. And you should I mean, that's scary. You don't want to poke someone's eye out or whatever, right? You'd like it's so vital. It is literally the thing that allows you to see what the the work that you're doing. So you can do a really great job. So I mean, talk about solving a problem. I mean, if you're somebody who is in this lashes, lash industry, which is so fascinating, because I have a friend who is growing her lash, I have a lot of friends that do in our in the lash industry. I live in Las Vegas, I'm from California, there's a lot of entertainers and a lot of people that you know, want to really wonderful, like full pretty lashes. So there's a lot of people that that do this work and then need this product. But if you're listening and you're in the industry, definitely check out the Cosmo glow, because it could it could transform, you know, the quality of your business for sure. I mean, even like I said, seeing it myself, I was like, This is awesome.

Mary Harcourt 46:13
Oh, you're so cute.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
No, yeah, I just that's I'm grateful that you, you know, have really paid attention to, to detail and to the feedback. It's so funny

Mary Harcourt 46:27
when you go hear people talk at a conference and they say solving someone's problem. That's where you make the money. And I'm like, Well, I don't, it's so hard to think backwards. And I didn't I've never done this for money. I've never, that's never been my focus. It was always Hey, I wanted this. And I think it could really help a lot of people. So if I want it, I should bring it to pass so we can help everyone else. And then you start to look back and go, Oh, I saw the problem. There was never an industry specific light until now. Like I fixed a whole entire hole in the market. And it's funny when we do these interviews, and people were like, well, who's your competition? Well, there's not really any I mean, there's makeup lights and ring lights. But there's so different. There's nothing that that parallels what Cosmo Club does. And it's so cool, like you mentioned, elevate your treatment room, it gives you a modern, elegant look, the second you walk in the room, you know that you are going to be taken care of by that service provider, the service provider knows that they're going to do their job more efficiently because they have proper lighting. And it's so it stretches across so many different industries, it dims really low, if you're a facialist. If you're a tattoo artist, you're gonna get even lighting with no shadows, which is so important, all those different angles. So we're really just having fun scaling and seeing where we're going next.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
That is awesome. Because I have a lot of tattoos. So all the tattoo people out there, too. It's like, you know, yeah, have that that versatility, you know, and and just for the creative industry. You know, I think that just that says so much because there's a lot of creatives out there. And so if any, and it's interesting, the last interview that I did was with was with a guy that does coaching for people who are creatives, you know, that have all these magnificent ideas. And to be honest, I think we all are somewhere in us, even if you can, you know, say that you're a scientist, or maybe what you do is is more from a book and you don't think that you're inventive. We all have we all have them. There's always ideas that we're coming up with. And I do think you know, the first step is is sharing talking about them well to the right people, not just anybody. But you know, I think that your your story, Mary is just such a testament to how far things can go. Even when you're you're not the lighting expert, you just knew exactly we are now wow. Well you know what you need it and you knew enough about how to describe it, that people that can actually engineer it the right way could do that for you. You know, with all the back and forth but what tell me about what's next. So obviously this is amazing. What you're doing is remarkable, but when you think you know fast forward a few years from now what what what do you want to see what's what's going on in the future.

Mary Harcourt 49:13
You know, it's absolutely the future so right. I'm a creative person. There's ideas that flow every day. I had to make a choice. Kind of early. We've been around for about a little over two and a half years now shipping for two years and when COVID came back online and all salons were reopening I did show choose to sell my salon so it's still alive and well and doing its own thing and from selling my salon to pivoting to putting 100% focus into Cosmo glow. We have been involved in every single aspect of improving the light making it better. We're always in there and I'm so proud of where we've come because it really was just a girl that had an idea to now we are we are the becoming and putting ourselves to have the top of the line lighting for more than just the treatment room. So we have a new version coming out, I just got told we're not gonna hit our launch in July. But hopefully in August, we will hit our launch for a new light. That just opens up the channels a little bit more for more tattoo artists for medical aesthetic estheticians dermatologist barbers, we're going to hit more of an aspect of it's no longer just four treatment rooms in a spa setting up with people laying down a treatment bed. So that's super exciting. I love to dive more into the nail industry, I think that is just limitless. And really, there hasn't been much innovation in their lighting ever heard. So we're tackling more of that. I would love to put together a course, something that's been passionate of mine is how I built my salon and we lived off reviews. So I currently have a course coming up. That's just how to be more visible to your clients so they can find you and how you can build a business based on that you really need to put yourself out there. And so many people think they're they're visible, but then they're not people who clients walk by them every day and had no idea that their shops even there or they offered those services. So I'd like to do that. That's definitely a passion of mine. But yeah, just we'll see where we're going next for on board to be international very soon. I just had a call today setting all of that up with UK EU we had our call last week with Australia. So look for US International in the next couple of months. That's super exciting. But sky's the limit and we'll see where we end up

Unknown Speaker 51:23
is the limit. That's incredible. Where can people find the Cosmo glow?

Mary Harcourt 51:30
Yeah, super simple. It's just online, the Cosmo There's no w at the end is just g L O. And we are on taka Instagram at the Cosmo global.

Unknown Speaker 51:41
frickin awesome. That is frickin awesome, Mary, I just can't get over this. It's just ridiculous. You're freaking amazing. I love it. And next time I'm in your Texas neighborhood, I'm definitely going to let you know because I'd love to, to be able to talk more. And yeah, it's just it's, it's marvelous. But I do want to, you know, before we close, ask a couple questions to get to know you a little bit better. Well, for our listeners, to know you better. My first question for you is what makes you unbreakable.

Mary Harcourt 52:21
Learning how to accept failure, learning that failure is part of the game. And the faster you fail, the faster you're gonna be able to succeed. And so many people are so scared to fail that I don't think they realize that not only is it going to happen, whether you want it to or not, it's going to happen. But if you can do it at a smaller scale, like think of me, I learned my lesson that 150 likes, I couldn't learn that same lesson today, I wouldn't be able to contact everyone in a day and get videos out. So taking those lessons and failures and learning them as fast as possible. You want to fail right out of the gate, because you're going to find where all of your improvements need to be. And the quicker you make those improvements, then you're on the right path and you're not gets you're not going to not ever have a failure again. But you understand when that failure happens. You look at it as a lesson like okay, I didn't fail, I had a lesson I had, I now have a clear cut half of what I need to improve my business and you accept it at a completely different level. It's almost like a welcomed cool, let me change this so we can go conquer more faster. So my unbreakable is just learning how to learn from failure and encourage failure. It's not this bad word, this black cloud that people try to like hide from, it really needs to be considered this. It's your power sauce, get your failures, learn from them, because you just became unbreakable, that you conquered that and got over it.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
Yeah. You built that resiliency. That's, that is phenomenal. All right. What is something on your bucket list?

Mary Harcourt 53:58
I got to get to 100 countries, I'm at 64. I definitely want to get to 100 that has been on my bucket list. I have been to almost every continent, my parents had been to Antarctica. So somehow they want up to me on that. And that will be that will be the final straw. But I gotta get to 100 countries.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
If there's one person that could do that I have 100% confidence that it's you. So I I do not doubt that that's going to happen sooner rather than later. Okay, what about a self limiting belief? What's a self limiting belief that you've had to overcome?

Mary Harcourt 54:39
Kind of have two one is I don't know how to do it. And two, I can't do it. I think we tell ourselves that so often that we believe it. And really it is what holds you back. If you try to do it. Well then go learn we all have Google. You can go to college on YouTube. If you don't know how to find a way to Do it Go Go research it? And I can't do it. Other than, well, if you can't do it, if you can do it or you can't do it both, right? It's just which side you want to be on. Because if you tell yourself, I don't know how to do it, I'm going to find the answer because I know I'm capable of it is totally different than I don't know how to do it. I'm not going to. So a self limiting belief is just cannot well not versus find it and do it. You might not have the answers. That's okay. No one like that's the whole reason we have the internet is that all the answers are there, you just have to know in your head and tell yourself that you can do it now go do it.

Unknown Speaker 55:38
Yep. How can I ask the right questions, and you'll get better answers than the one that you have right now. So, so keep on keepin on.

Mary Harcourt 55:48
Everyone started somewhere. Right?

Unknown Speaker 55:50
You I mean, we all do we all do. And you get better with every with every question with every day that you decide to take a step and, and take meaningful action. So I couldn't agree with that. I couldn't agree with that more. What about a superpower? What's a superpower that you have that you're really proud of?

Mary Harcourt 56:10
You know, that's funny. I've always said my superpower, is finding individuals that people pass off as weird or whatever, they don't want to talk to them. I have always found those people to be the most special people in my life. Because I think I can see past all that bullshit. And just know that they're such a good person. And they're such good people. And I feel like once I begin becoming, I mean, they're my lifelong friends, all of those, like people that people passed off as like, oh, I don't want to talk to that person, have become my lifelong friends. And it's so funny, because now people are like, well, that's been a really good person in your life. Yeah, you know what, and you had the same opportunity, but they were too weird for you. Yeah, I think it's just finding finding the true heart of people.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
Yeah, I mean, and that's the, you know, I had told you that when we were talking about my show, this that notion of embracing being unapologetically who you are, and I do believe that when you do that, you will find yourself around the people, you're who are meant to be there. So for every person that passes you off, there is a person like Mary, who is like, you're meant to be here. So just remember that, you know, don't cry love. My favorite. Yeah, don't sacrifice or compromise to accommodate someone's, someone else's limiting beliefs. Don't do that, you know, lean into who you are. Because you'll you'll get so much more fruit. I think as a result of that. Mary, if there was one last piece of advice that you could give to anyone listening, what would that be?

Mary Harcourt 57:43
There's a stain on my website, it's one of my favorite sayings, is you got to learn how to dance in the rain, not wait for the storm to pass. And I think I'm a perfect example of that. If I waited for the storm to pass who knows where my life will be. And it could have been a beautiful life. But I learned how to dance from the rain. And it was so powerful to do that. Because eventually the storm clouds do pass. But if you can make the best of it in that current situation, you're so far ahead when the when the clouds do pass.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Yeah. Oh, that it's so true. dance in the rain dance in the rain. That I love it the t shirt that I would wear for sure. Mary, where can people find you and follow the awesome work you're doing?

Mary Harcourt 58:30
Oh, thank you so much. You can find me at Mary or on Instagram at Mary Harcourt underscore

Unknown Speaker 58:36
Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome. I will follow Mary follow the Cosmo glow. Because, you know, for those of you who are joining the journey now it's it's just gonna keep getting better. You know, I mean, this the space that you're in, honestly, I just feel like it's exponential. You describe so many things, and I use all of those services. You know, I'm going to get a facial tattoo, you know, the lashes. I mean, there's just so many so many industries that can benefit from what you're bringing. So it's like, this is the sky like you just said the sky's the limit. Really.

Mary Harcourt 59:13
Sky's the limit. It's so interesting. You started as one little girl with an idea. But we have built a team that is dedicated to making the best products and making them go everywhere. And that is just something that you're all gonna see. It's so cool to watch that, that that one dream a little girl had in the last room became a full fledged company full of people that are dedicated to bringing you the best products.

Unknown Speaker 59:37
Oh my gosh, that's it. You are you're such an inspiration to so many. I mean, if anyone out there is listening and is just sitting on this idea, and I know you for a fact because I have friends and I've met so many wonderful people who have sat on great ideas for a really long time. And don't you know, like, you talked about fear. Don't Don't let the fear be the enemy of your accomplishing your dreams. You know, it's it's normal, it you wouldn't be normal if you didn't have them and that sensation of fear. But you turn that and just kind of shift that into excitement. And and and just channel that energy into a place of curiosity. You'll be so surprised how far you're able to go with your dreams. So I'm just so thrilled I like you. Yeah, we all like

Mary Harcourt 1:00:39
that connection unstable. Like you said, we all have fears that's never gonna go away, there's never going to be a day that you wake up and don't think, Oh God, what if it doesn't work out. But if you let that stop you, you're going to be stopped in your tracks. And you can go so much further. So allow that fear to kind of be your fuel, like, okay, that's my fear. But what if it does work out? Like, let's go experience it and working? Let's go see what we're capable of. Let's go find out what if everything went perfect? What would that feel like? Because the fear is always going to be there. So don't let that be your number one thought for the day, kind of take that and go, I see the fear. But what's the other side? If the pendulum were to swing? What's the other side? Feel like? Let's go find that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
Yeah. And I mean, who wants to be bored? We need some challenge, right? We need a little challenge. You need a little fun, real excitement live on the edge. You know, I mean, I do feel like the pandemic has has showed us that life is really short. You know, there's been a lot of loss, a lot of tragedy. And I think that when we can lean into this space of creativity, it gives us hope. It gives us something to look forward to something to be joyful about. And I think it's always important to be in communities that foster and cultivate those kinds of experiences. So I would definitely say, Follow Mary, checkout the Cosmo glow it all and just share it with people who you know, need it. I mean, I could probably sit here and think of 10 people. And more than that, if I sat long enough that that could really use this. And I'm just I'm I'm a fan of supporting entrepreneurship, small businesses. You know, because those people that start from just an idea and turn into so much more. You're right, they do change the world. So I'm excited that you could come on this show, and share with us how you're changing the world. Because I really do believe that you've encouraged so many others to do the same. So thank you, Mary.

Mary Harcourt 1:02:47
Oh, thank you so much for having me. Yeah, I love just being an advocate for Hey, I if I can do it. So can you get that idea out of your head and just start and it could be maybe you say you don't have the time. But if you just take one hour a week, in four weeks, that's four hours in two months. That's a whole it starts you got to start somewhere. And I'm sure if you're on the right path, you're going to switch from finding the time to be an obsessive about it. And once you hit that point, there's no stopping you. It really is all about just getting started on that idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Train. You. You are unstoppable on brands. Love it. Awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you

Mary Harcourt 1:03:27
so much for having me. It's been so nice to hang out with you guys and all of our listeners.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
Mary Harcourt was amazing to spend time with her passion, her enthusiasm, her adventure was it radiates. I am so envious of her travel. And I think it's incredible that she's been to so many countries, I have no doubt in my mind at all that she will absolutely make it to more than 100 I know her goal is 100 but with with as vibrant as she is I could see her doing much more than 100 countries. So hi, I do not know how you could not be inspired by her tenacity, her drive her ambition, her creativity. She is a force to be reckoned with. You know I didn't even mention, by the way, how much media she's in. It's it's pretty remarkable. She has been in Forbes Inc, all business, small business trends. I can go on and on. There's all these places where she has been featured. And it's all because she took a chance. She had this great idea. She's a problem solver. She works with the right people. She has a positive attitude, a mindset of of, you know, making things work a mindset of abundance. So, you know, if there's anything that I took away, of which I've took way many things from this episode from her is to his to believe in your dreams, believe in yourself, and to bring your ideas to bear with the people that can grow them, plant the seed in the right places. She wasn't an engineer, builder, manufacture person, but just from a conversation that she had with her husband, about this incredible thing that she could do to solve an industry problem. She came up with a sketch and took it to somebody who could turn it into something meaningful, that could be taken to manufacture. So don't sit on your ideas. Talk about them with the right people, people who can help you. The information is at your fingertips, you can Google you can ask questions, ask go to friends who have started their own companies, ask them questions about where they got started, how they got started. Go to to the people that are in the niche that you are trying to build something in and that you know, you will be surprised how doors continue to open when you have a mindset of curiosity and perseverance. So please do follow Mary. Her websites is her name. So Mary, that's H AR c o u r r t and follow her. Her socials are on there. I'll make sure those things are in the show notes. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you for tuning in being with me growing and learning with me every single week, twice a week. It's just this has been such an amazing experience. Thank you to Ava media productions for putting this show together and making it sound awesome. It means a lot. I have this is just such a blessing. Such a blessing. Remember that you are your only limit so take action today. rate and review this episode. If you haven't already, subscribe, follow and share. See you again next time

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